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Bathtub Step-In Conversion Service

We offer an alternative that does not involve days or weeks of disruption of your bathroom. The solution we offer is also called “Bathtub Step-In Conversion”, a quicker, cleaner, and considerably more inexpensive alternative.
Our bathtub accessibility step-in conversion is a great solution that brings significant benefits to the handicapped, elderly, or anyone who takes every day when stepping over the sidewall of the tub, reducing the risk of slip and fall accidents.
Handicap showers and walk-in tubs cost easily three or four times more than our solution.
Our work process just takes a few hours. It can take less than 5 hours.
The Step-In Conversion, creates a 24” wide by 9” deep tub opening.
Makes showering safer and increases your independence in the bathroom.

Conversion Options


Convert tub to walk-in shower! The Bathtub conversion adds step-in and walk-through accessibility to your existing bathtub.

The Step-in Conversion ultra-low adds step-in accessibility to higher profile - 15" or taller - tubs!

This option features a removable watertight insert to transition from shower to full bath easily.

Aiding Accessibility!

We have the solution you are looking for, a safe and economical way to regain greater bathing accessibility and independence.

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A Cut Tub Service In Less Than 5 Hours!

Tub Cut-Out

Bathtub conversions involve “cutting out” or removing a section of your bathtub to lower the threshold and make it easier to step in and out of the bathtub.


The cut out can be done with most types of bathtubs, cast-iron or steel tub. We can cut out a section of your bathtub to lower the threshold and cover it with a flat step, creating the functionality of a walk-in shower.


If you’d like to have a functioning bathtub still, there is an optional watertight bathtub insert that you can easily remove to use the open tub cut-out or insert as a regular bathtub.

A Tub Cut-Out Is One Of The Most Affordable
Solutions To Give You Independence.
A Tub Cut-Out Is One Of The Most Affordable Solutions To Give You Independence.
Step-In Conversion

Quick, Clean, Simple, And
An Affordable Bathtub Remodeling

We carefully make a cut to create an opening through the front wall of the bathtub, and we then install a step so that you can step through the tub and not over it.
We convert your tub into a walk-in shower in as little as a few hours, and you save thousands of dollars over the typical cost of a complete bathtub replacement.
Find Out Some Advantages Of The Step-In Conversion

Works on many acrylics, fiberglass, metal, steel, and even cast-iron tubs and done in just a few hours.

Makes showering safer and increases your independence in the bathroom.

Creates a 24” wide by 9” deep tub opening and easily cost 4 to 6 times less than other solutions.

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We Carefully Tailor Individual Styles
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We Carefully Tailor Individual Styles And Innovative Designs To Meet Our Client’s Needs.

What Our Customers Say

"A serviceable and less expensive option to a walk-In shower. An ongoing medical condition began to make stepping over the side of a tub to take a shower next to impossible for me. After the conversion, of course, I tried it out right away, and it's so easy to step over, compared to the full height of the tub. Great work!"
"This has changed my life, and that is not an exaggeration. I have been wheelchair-bound for more than 2 years and was unable to get in and out of my tub to shower without help. The step-in conversion has allowed me to have access to my shower and made transferring a breeze. Thank you for giving me back more of my independence."
"I'm very thankful for this step-in product because it has helped my elderly in-laws a ton. It's a great, super solid, and affordable alternative to replacing a tub with a shower. The bathtub step-in conversion was an excellent option for what we needed."
Bathtub Step-In Conversion, A Cleaner And More
Straightforward Process!

Convert Your Bathtub
In A Short Time!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the bathtub conversion can be installed on any existing fiberglass, steel, or cast-iron bathtub.
Our professional installers can transform your existing tub into a tub cut in just two to four hours.
Our tub cut conversion includes a watertight plug that locks on and off in moments. The installation consists of a waterproof membrane in addition to the watertight plug.
The cut tub conversion is an excellent addition to homes with seniors or people with disabilities. This option provides safe access to showers and tubs at an affordable price while giving your loved ones more independence.
We recommend you wait at least two days after installation before using your tub to allow the adhesive to dry thoroughly.
We recommend the tub cut conversion for full bath functionality while still having a step-through tub. This is the fastest and most versatile conversion process. It comes with a removable center plug that locks on and off in moments, allowing you to transition from a step-in shower to a full bath. This conversion will enable you to keep the future value of the tub and is great for multi-generational homes and changing needs.
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